Pride refers to a satisfied sense of attachment toward one's own being and actions and is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, or a fulfilled feeling of belonging.  To celebrate Gay Pride 2015 I have painted my newest piece, "Unlocked."  As an artist, I wanted to give back to this celebratory month while finding a way for others to show their support.  In an effort to show my gratitude and love for the supporters of the LGBT community, I am selling signed prints of this piece, "Unlocked", with 100% of the proceeds going to The Gay Center! The Center offers the LGBT communities of NYC health and wellness programs; arts, entertainment and cultural events; recovery, wellness, parenthood and family support services.

I am a proud, gay man.  I felt trapped for many years and now reap the rewards of a proud and truthful life. With this piece I wanted to showcase how WE actually possess the key to unlock all of the shame, the labels, and the limits to live our best lives. The subtle rainbow created by the light is a gentle nod to the LGBT community and the unity and acceptance that awaits on the other side of that door. 

title of desired print
"Unlocked" 2015
"Burst" 2015
With this piece, I deliberately chose a weathered and aged hand to symbolize the members of the LGBT community that have had to endure a less accepting past.  I then juxtaposed the hand with a symbol of carefree, ageless, timeless, and unadulterated joy...Bubbles!

The prints are 11" X 17" and $15.  Again, 100% of the proceeds are going to The Gay Center ( Let's not forget the true purpose of PRIDE and support those doing so much for the LGBT effort.....Love you all and thanks again!!!